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My name is Aaron Hawkins. I am blessed to have a beautiful family—two sons and a furry four-legged friend, Shaggy—with my wife Christina. Whether by myself, with my sons, or with my entire family I can honestly say that I enjoy spending time creating and innovating. Some of the activities that I enjoy most are playing music for our church worship ministry, wood working, building home decorations, and delving into DIY home projects after watching copious amounts of HGTV. Although I have many passions, most of which go hand-in-hand, I get most excited about making our house beautifully functional. Through a great deal of time and thought invested, I strive to provide my family a house that they can proudly call home. People say, “Home is where the heart is.” As a lifelong resident of Western North Carolina, I whole-heartedly agree. With its welcoming community, year-round outdoor activities, majestic views, and a delicious foods, the Smoky Mountains have captured the essence of our family’s heart. I truly believe this is a wonderful and special place to call home. In my professional career, I have been fortunate to meet and connect with people from a variety of walks of life. As I got to know these people, they trusted me with their memories and experiences— overcoming hard economic times, who has influenced their dreams, and creative solutions to better our community and the lives of its residents. Getting to know these people and hearing their life stories has fueled my passion to see our community continue to flourish. Whether you are a WNC local or new to the area, I am looking forward to helping you find the house that will help you call the mountains home.

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